5 Valentine Day Gifts To Watch Out For!

Its that time of the year again!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, those of us lucky enough to have that special someone in our lives are flocking to the brick-and-mortar stores for valentine day gifts.

We are logging on to Amazon and Flipkart to buy the most meaningful and memorable valentine day gifts that say that we care.

Fortunately, when it comes to valentine’s gift for him or a valentine’s gift for her, the valentine day gifts that you buy for your loved one need not be expensive.

In fact, it could be a simple gesture, a memento that reminds your better half of your first date, the first time he or she knew you were the one or that time you proposed.

There is nothing more priceless than memories. Let us help you create one.

Personalized Accessories

As far as valentine gift ideas go, how about a table clock with the picture of the two of you together? Every time you sit down to study or do your office work, it will lend you perspective – remind you of the best reason why you’re putting in all that hard work in the first place.

A personalized swatch as a valentine’s gift for him or a valentine’s gift for her with his or her picture in it could just as easily get you through your day. Especially if it’s a bad one.

Sometimes, even a simple coffee mug with your name or snap-on it will remind your special someone that though you may not be close, you are always there for him or her.

Jogging Pants

Yes, you read that right.

Nothing says that you care more than your concern for his or her health. A proper diet and regular exercise can result in a lifetime of good health and longevity.

Unfortunately, most of us lack the motivation to keep ourselves fit and well. What if your loved one showed you how much he or she cares?

Even better, what if they bought a pair of pants as a valentine’s gift for him or a valentine’s gift for her to work-out in and the two of you went jogging together?

Still not sold on valentine gift ideas such as jogging pants for valentine day gifts? Gym accessories serve the same purpose.

How about a Fitbit as a valentine’s gift for him or a valentine’s gift for her? We know, it’s expensive. Then again, so is heart disease.

The Peace-Offering

Hear us out.

Imagine a wish-list of everything that the two of you want to do together. That coffee date? The dinner out?

Write each of them down in separate post-its and fold them neatly. Begin each of your wishes with the following phrase, “good for…”

The next time you forget your anniversary, argue with your loved one for no good reason or screw up in a way we can’t even imagine right now, this will come in handy.

“good for one coffee” as a valentine’s gift for him or a valentine’s gift for her say that you are sorry and that your better half should give you the opportunity to apologize. “good for one dinner” as a says that you really messed up and that its time for “the talk.”

The Leather Card Holder

The modern professional needs modern accessories. Nothing says that you’re a suave executive who’s in control more than a smart leather card-holder.

It oozes confidence and energy. It says that you made it and that you’re a force to reckon with. You paid your dues and now it’s time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Gift your loved one a cardholder that says that you are proud of his or her success and accomplishments.

Show them that you are a worthy companion in their journey of life.

Beer Subscription

Oh yeah!

It ain’t love if you ain’t partners in crime.

Why not valentine day gifts such as the license to drink to your beloved guzzler on your favourite day?

Join him or her on your day of love and celebrate the good and the bad times together.

Cheers to the times that the two of you have spent with each other and the lifetime of bliss and happiness that lie ahead of you.

Come what may, you’re in it together. Whatever life has in store for you, you’ll brave it together.

You’re not alone. Neither is the person you love.

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