How To Protect Your Aadhar Information From Misuse

The implementation of the Aadhar Card is one of the major accomplishments of the present Indian government. The database that is maintained by UIDAI covers more than 95 percent of the country.

Knowing fully well how vital the security of the Aadhar information is, the government has left no stone unturned in protecting it. Several measures have been taken to ensure that confidential information is not disclosed.

However, every citizen is also the custodian of his or her own Aadhar card. It falls upon them to protect their information from fraud. Unfortunately, the lack of relevant information when it comes to the protection of the Aadhar Card often leads to malicious and fraudulent activities.

In certain situations, Aadhar card users have even lost money because of their ignorance.

Locking and Unlocking Your Aadhar

UIDAI allows Aadhar Cardholders to lock and unlock their Aadhar numbers. Once locked, all authentication services – OTP-based, biometric, or demographic stop via Aadhar. You can use your Aadhar for authentication again once you’ve unlocked it.

How Can You Lock Your Aadhar?

You can lock your Aadhar from the UIDAI site. Simply click on the lock option under the Aadhar service that comes under the Resident portal. After selecting the UID lock radio button, enter the pin code, full name, and UID number followed by the security code.

Once you authenticate the OTP, your Aadhar number will be successfully locked.

How Do You Lock Your Biometrics In Aadhar?

In order to bolster the confidentiality and privacy of one’s biometric data, UIDAI allows Aadhar holders to temporarily lock it. You can lock or unlock your biometrics under “Aadhar Service” that comes under “My Aadhar” in the portal.

You have to enter your VID or Aadhar number to get an OTP on your registered mobile. After you punch-in your OTP, your biometrics will be locked.

What Is A Virtual ID?

The virtual Aadhar ID is a temporary 16-digit code. Using your Aadhar number, you can generate your virtual ID from the UIDAI portal. A virtual ID is valid as long as you do not generate a new virtual ID.

The virtual ID serves as a viable alternative to your Aadhar number and can be used anywhere. It also helps to secure your confidential information.

If you have to share your Aadhar number for the purpose of authentication, you can always generate a new virtual ID as a working alternative. After your information is verified, you can simply revoke the ID by generating a new one.

As such, using a virtual ID in the place of your actual Aadhar number is always recommended.

You Can Also Lock Your Aadhar Via SMS

UIDAI also allows Aadhar holders to lock the card via SMS. In order to do that, you have to send an OTP request with the following syntax – “GET<space>OTP<space><last 4 digits of Aadhar number>”.

After you receive the OTP, send the following request – “LOCK<space>UID<space><Aadhar number last 4 digits><space><6-digit OTP>”. Your Aadhar number will be locked.

To unlock your Aadhar via SMS, make sure that you have your recent Virtual ID with you. Send an OTP request, “GET<space>OTP<space><last 6-digit virtual ID>”. After you receive the OTP, send the following SMS, “Unlock<space><last 6-digit virtual ID><space><6-digit OTP>”.

OTP Email and Mobile Registration

Thanks to Aadhar Card authentication, digital transactions have now become easy and simple. Since all authentication via Aadhar is done through an OTP dispatch to your registered mobile and email, it is mandatory to link your Aadhar number to your email and cell number.

When taking the aforementioned precautions to protect your Aadhar information, you have to keep in mind the following pointers –

  • After you lock your Aadhar, you will no longer be able to use it to authenticate biometrics
  • When your Aadhar is locked, some bank transactions may fail since your biometric information can no longer be accessed
  • The only way to unlock your biometrics is through an OTP
  • UIDAI offers to lock and unlocking services free of cost to Aadhar holders
  • With the help of your Aadhar number, you can always track your virtual ID. However, it doesn’t work the other way around
  • Under no circumstances should you share your authentication OTP with anybody

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