How To Manage Career Growth When You Are New To The Workforce

The first job of your life?

Congratulations! You made it.

All those years of hard work and burning the midnight oil have finally paid off. You’re on your way to earning a happy and prosperous life for yourself.

In the early stages of your career growth, you have to pay your dues. The late nights, the groundwork, attending to jobs remotely, the sweat and toil – it’s all part of the grander design.

At the same time, you have to keep your eye on the mark – where you want to see yourself in 5 years. You cannot lose sight of your goal.

How then, to manage your daily operations while silently preparing yourself to launch the career growth of your dreams? What are the steps that you could take to give yourself the best shot at a stellar professional life?


It’s sad but true. Almost all of us are too engrossed and occupied with our present responsibilities to think or plan our next career growth step. In essence, we are all guilty of short-term thinking.

If you want your career growth to be always on the rise, constantly developing yourself and growing your skills is the only way forward.

How to go about fuelling your career growth and investing in its progress?

Make friends outside your domain of expertise in other departments. Job-shadow them to understand what they do and what difference does their core competence makes to the organization.

Learning new skills is an indispensable element of career growth.

Go further beyond simply gaining a theoretical understanding of the other operational facets of our company. Apply for a cross-functional role. Explore a vertical that intrigues you. Multi-tasking across job responsibilities will develop your long-term skills as a leader and manager.

Constantly educate yourself. Take training sessions and join classes to learn about new technology and advancements in your area of expertise.

Every industry today depends upon innovation, to thrive and survive. This means that your gamut of operations is constantly updating and changing itself. 

Holding book clubs at your office is a great idea. It serves a whole host of purposes.

It enables you and your colleagues to put your heads together and exchange invaluable knowledge with each other. As team building activities go, this is an excellent exercise.

Last but not least, seek out a mentor. Someone who has been in your shoes long before you have. Someone you aspire to become in the near future.

Unorthodox Career Growth

Fortunately, sometimes the organization and HR lend a helping hand in an unconventional way. They do so because of multiple reasons – financial constraints, limited growth, or low turnover.

As an initiative to engage and retain employees, companies often implement multiple strategies –

The dialed-down and accelerated career paths

Good organizations across geographies are realizing that employees want to participate in the decision-making process that charts their career growth within the company.

More importantly, employees do not want their career growth to follow the same pace. Instead, they prefer a period of accelerated growth followed by a “dialed down” trajectory.

Imagine that you’ve just entered the workforce. You’re in your late 20s. You’re young, hungry, and ready to take on the whole world.

At this juncture in your career growth, you would prefer an accelerated trajectory. For example, subject to your field of expertise, you may be ideally suited to the Mergers and Acquisition vertical that requires a lot of travel and long hours.

Now let’s look ahead by a few years. You are in a position in your professional life where you want to settle down, get married, and achieve a work-life balance.

You want to dedicate more time to building a family and wouldn’t mind if your career growth took a backseat for just a few years.

In such an event, a toned-down, deaccelerated profile would be more to your liking.

Please note – if an employee chooses to dial down his or her career growth for a short time, the lower working hours and less demanding job profile would also reflect in the paycheque.

The alternative dialed-down and accelerated approach has myriad benefits – 

  • Boosts employee satisfaction
  • Instils confidence in the employee towards a hopeful future
  • This leads to higher retention figures, especially among top performers

When you’re new to the workforce, managing your career growth is not the only challenge you’ll face. With a limited earning potential, creating a financial plan also becomes a hassle.

Often, short term expense management becomes difficult to foot. Treading the fine line between spending, saving money, and investing is acquired learning that takes years to hone.

Don’t worry – you’ll get there. Just not today.

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