Why college students must consider an internship

It’s not just enough to possess a stellar degree anymore. Companies today, more than ever, look at work experience and not just on-paper potential. 

For this reason, internships have become imperative in this day and age, in order to help you stand out from the competition and improve your chances at getting your desired opportunities.

Internships are paid or unpaid opportunities offered by companies to provide college students and graduates with on-job work experience. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have shifted to work-from-home roles, and online internships, wherever possible, have also come about as a result.

It has been seen in recent surveys that of those who received at least one job offer straight out of college, a higher percentage had an internship on their resume than those who did not.

With that in mind, we explain why college students must consider an internship.

No substitute for experience

They say that merely having bookish knowledge is dangerous, and no one fears that more that employers. No matter how comprehensive your course or the prestige of your university, companies tend to lean towards those with some relevant industry experience.

A productive internship can give you an early advantage by way of skills, know-how and hands-on experience. It also helps you develop a feel for working alongside other people in a scope that was not possible during your student life.

While interns aren’t usually put in pressure situations to begin with, you get a first-hand experience of what that’s like and how they are dealt with in a company.

Discover what you are capable of

Aside from learning new skills and gaining experience, an internship will also give you a greater understanding of what you are capable of. Internships for college students can provide the kind of experience that no textbook ever could.

It’s only when you are taken out of your comfort zone that you start to realize how well you can achieve your goals in real-world scenarios.


It’s a term thrown around quite a lot, and for good reason. In simple language, it’s good to know the right people — something that we realize from an early age, even in our everyday lives.

The same applies in working life, but even more so. Networking helps you get to know more people, establish acquaintances, and build on those relationships to get yourself ahead in your career.

Being fresh out of college, it’s unlikely you’ll have too many contacts right off the bat. Internships give you a head start in the networking race and you land on the ground already having some branches to climb on, should you require them.

As an intern, you stand to build bridges with professionals who are already well established in your chosen field and this can potentially be of help to you in innumerable ways down the road.

By now, you know that life has a habit of throwing up situations that can be hard to predict. Just take the coronavirus pandemic as an example of that.

So, even if you feel confident enough that you will never find yourself seeking help, you never know when you might need a contingency plan.

A boost for your resume

Whenever a sportsperson pulls off an impressive feat for his team or country, it is said that his achievement will be a great addition to his resume. Such popular expressions highlight just how crucial a resume is.

After all, your resume is what prospective recruiters will view before you ever get the chance to extoll your virtues to them face-to-face.

As a fresher, an internship infuses your resume with the kind of value that would otherwise be impossible. Internships add relevant and tangible experience to your CV – something that is important to prospective employers. 

When they go through your resume and learn that the kind of things you’ve done during your internship have already taught you the ropes, they will see you as a more valuable candidate than a competitor with similar educational qualifications.

Remember, given how competitive the job market in the country has become now, getting hired depends entirely on how much value you bring to the organization. If you have learned skills during an internship in India that would bring added value to the company, it will surely separate your resume from the rest in the pile.

Paid and unpaid internships

Unpaid internships are specifically designed to ensure your role is not one that would enable you to replace an employee of the company. Usually, unpaid interns don’t spend more than 20 percent of their time doing work that is too taxing. However, in some cases, they have provisions for academic credit, scholarships, travel costs, and even full-time employment upon completing the internship.

Paid internships have the same scope, but given that you’re being financially compensated, your workload will be closer to that of a regular employee and more will be expected of you overall.

However, even paid internships seldom compensate too well, and during your time as an intern, your pocket money will likely be stretched thin.

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